Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Studio J

Studio J will go live today for everyone, this is the first you have heard of Studio J from me because frankly it's just not my thing. I am a traditional scrapbooker, no ands, if's or but's about it, however I do understand that Studio J has a place in the current market (just not mine). Head over to my website and check it out, there is nothing to buy, you can play for free, the only point that you would pay is if you want to order what you create. I have ordered samples for ladies to check out and I can tell you the quality is outstanding, the pages are beautiful, it is really easy to do, fast as all get out and you can order as many copies of your creations as your hearts desire.
Here is one thing I would love to have done with Studio J, create our families Heritage album, I have spent countless hours working on just my side of the family so far and I am still not done, I haven't even begun to touch my Husbands heritage photo's. The cool thing would be that I could let other family members know and see what I have created and they could order whatever pages they want for their own family with just a click of the button, now that would be very cool.
I know my own daughters are gonna fall in love with Studio J, they are all about a click of a button deal, but try as I might it is just not for me. I will always be a paper, scissors, glue girl, so you may not hear a whole lot about Studio J on my blog, but do check it out, what the heck it's free and if you do fall in love with the product it is competitively priced!!!
I was able to create a couple of cards yesterday but I haven't had time to take photo's, download and post them yet, I had 2 classes yesterday that filled my day in such a nice way, maybe I can get that done during Tyler's nap today.

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