Monday, April 12, 2010

Recovery Time


Gonna need a day or two to recover from our Sunday activities so I am not sure I will be creating for a few days :(.
Our youngest Daughter Kelli decided she wanted some landscaping done for her Birthday gift this year and for all gifts to be yard related. Great, I thought we will have a family day at her house Sunday while she is at work and surprise her with a new yard and a family cookout!! The day was perfect for yard work, we purchased all the supplies, flowers and plants the night before, loaded the tools in the truck, I cooked all the side dishes the night before, picked up the cake, we were ready to rock and roll!! Our oldest daughters family had to get things caught up around the house after spring break so they couldn't make it till dinner time, our middle daughter was still in a softball tournament so she arrived just in time for dinner. My sister had her monthly Pub crawl Saturday night and was in no shape for physical activity but they did make it in time for dinner. Soooo Bob, Nathan and I did all the landscaping in the front yard, we still have one area we couldn't finish due to a chainsaw malfunction but the rest is done!! The yard looks so nice, all of the neighbors came over to comment on how great things looked and Kelli was thrilled when she arrived home from work. That's the good news, the bad news is sometime late in the day my back went out, I mean really out, as in can't walk, set, lay down, bend over, or move in any way shape or form. It hurts so bad I just want to hit someone, which is not in my nature. I am trying to hold off on the Dr. visit and do some home remedies, but haven't found the right one yet, if I can figure out a way to get an adhesive runner and pair of scissors in my blistered hands I will see what I can come up with, in the meantime be very careful this spring in the yard, it can cut into your creative opportunities!!!!

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