Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gonna be a Fun Night

 One of my sweet young Mommy friends gave me this idea of making Mummy cupcakes for tonight. Thanks so much Katie B the little ones are gonna love these!!
 Hopefully this will be enough for all as I have no time to make more.
 Rotten to the core Kara just left.
 I had one heck of a time getting a picture of her in her costume!!
 Her words "No no Nanny" when I ask her to say cheese burger.
But finally I got a shot with a smile of our Candy Corn Princess.

We are off for a night filled with all the Grands who will be sky high on a candy overdose. Hope everyone has a fun night with Trick or Treats!!

Hubby will for sure be a trick on them all. I have the cupcake treats so lets see who wins the grands over!! HA


  1. These cupcakes are so much fun! And Kara's costume is adorable!!

  2. Isn't she cute? What a darling little costume. Love the mummy cupcakes- xo Diana

  3. The cupcakes are soo cute but not nearly as cute as your candy corn princess!!! :) Have fun!!! We'll be wearing winter coats tonight! lol!

  4. the photo of Kara giving you the "bum's up" Nanny! Those Mummys look pretty Yummy. Have fun tonight and Happy Halloween, Debby & Spiderman !

  5. That is such a cute costume and I love the cupcakes, what a neat idea.


  6. Brilliant photos what a sweetie and love her costume!! She does look a minx though :-)
    Incredible cupcakes.......they look just the thing !

    keep well