Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Spender

 Aren't these windows lovely? They would never do in the South. Full screens are a must for the swarm of mosquito's sure to show their nasty little faces soon.

So....hubby and I made a BIG purchase of standard boring but triple pane windows for the entire house yesterday, OUCH!!!! I am marking window washing off my spring To Do list. Why wash windows that will be long gone in 6 to 8 weeks? Holy cow windows are so darn expensive. We have been pricing them for over a year now. Should we just replace the ones who's seal has failed? Maybe just do a window or two at a time? It was all so confusing.

One of the problems of older homes is nothing is standard after a few years. It's custom this or that. Nobody makes wooden windows :( I Hate, Hate, Hate to give up our wooden windows but there just aren't any other good choices.

Now that spring window washing is off the To Do list I have added idea's for used windows to the list. While the price we are paying covers the cost of disposing of the old windows I really would like to hold on to a few for sentimental reasons :) These are the windows our own DD's would cover in fingerprints when they were kiddo's. They are the windows I would throw open when I needed to yell out "Dinner time" or " Get yourself in here right now" They are the windows the grands love to decorate for the different holidays and of course leave their own sticky prints on :)

I'm not very good with change, even worse with spending LARGE amounts of money :)

 This is how we spent most of our week. Basketball playoffs, after a perfect season they won the tournament!!! While Elijah couldn't play this year he only missed one game to have scans, He is the true winner this season!!!!!!
 Little Mason man on his first day of soccer season. He is such a little guy :)
 Big Sister Karsyn is on the team too sporting her pretty pink shin guards
 Blake and AJ had some fun this week as well playing with Nanny's scrapbook page protectors

If that's not enough today was the first game of spring football.

It's EARLY to bed for hubby and I, Keeping up with all 5 of these kiddo's and their multiple sports teams has done us in!!!!

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