Saturday, March 14, 2015

Resocking the Pantry and Freezer

 This was one of our freezers before delivery day for my Sister, enough meat for several months collected and all bought on sale.
 Lots of canned and boxes goods, a small crock pot, a few new shirts for winter, and some used books for the cold nights. I am so thankful for a hubby that not only never complains of where the money goes but encourages me to keep giving with a happy heart.
Tater Tot has advanced to the pots and pan cabinet :) He is such a sweet little guy, loves hugs and kisses, as well as snuggly cuddles at nap time.

 Time out Teddy and I are moving along, slowly we shall get it done. Shelf is now clean and tidy.
And more buttons

In my endeavors to clean up the sewing/scrap room I put together a LARGE box filled with lots of new but will never be used stuff to give away at the scrapbooking retreat. It didn't take long for the giveaway table to be cleaned out YAAAA

It's a cold rainy morning today....tomorrow sunny and in the 70's, Yes please!!!! I do believe Sunday dinner will be a cookout with the family.

 Today will be action packed as we have Tater Tot and Kara. We will be packing them up to watch Karsyn and Mason man in their first Soccer game followed by Tyler's Basketball tournament in the afternoon, oh my!

It's going to be a crock pot day for sure with an early bedtime for all. I will be so glad when my body adjusts to the new time change!!


  1. love that shelf unit with all your craft things on it. Gorgeous little man you have there!!

  2. Love your ribbons!! Doesn't it feel great to clear out and know where those items will be wanted.... good for you.

  3. Tater tot is as cute as his name and I csn hardly believe he is already so big and doing so much. Babies don't keep, do they?

    You and your husband are both amazing.

    I am doing my stockpiling these days at CVS, especially concentrating on diaper deals for the 2 grands still in diapers and the 2 on the way :)

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