Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Signs of Spring

 The Camellia bush is loaded in blooms this year!!
 So pretty
 Nothing says spring better than the Cherry tree in full bloom
I am SOOO excited that my Living Young oil kit arrived this week!!!!!!! Hope to mix up some lotions and potions today.
As you can see I have lots and lots of recipes marked that I want to try!!!
Where did the week go? Lets see.....attic clean out, housework, laundry, lots of trips to Goodwill, some fun memory keeping, and Kara's first T-Ball game. It was a full week for sure.
For me the most exciting was to finally get my hands on an oil kit for here at home :) Let me share a little story. Last Saturday I woke up with a sore throat and a bit achy all over. No time to be sick, maybe it's just the pollen. By the evening I knew I was in for a killer of a spring cold, it felt like I had swallowed a Brillo pad, my ears were on fire, chills, aches, pains, the works.
I called DD#1 to mix me up a lotion or potion quick!!! We were on our way over. With a roller ball in hand filled with I have no idea of what and the diffuser working away with Lavender I was able to get some sleep. Sunday morning I was a bit better. By Monday morning that NASTY cold was gone!! It gets even better :)
I realized Monday morning that hubby had not woken me a single time in the night with his snoring or nose blowing, hum We have been at this nighttime dance of me kicking or pushing him to roll over, stop snoring for close to 40 years. I wonder......
Monday night the diffuser was moved to his side of the bed. One drop of Lavender was all it took for a TOTAL good nights sleep!!!! I am now sleeping like a baby and hubby is not using a box of tissue every night!!! That diffuser along with lavender oil will never ever leave his side of the bed :)
I have high hopes we will be able to throw out all of the OTC meds soon now that we have the oil kit!!! I do believe these young Moms are on to something :) While we have done our best to ditch every nasty food additive I can think of we still depend on OTC's for colds and tummy trouble sometimes, ditto for skitter bites, bee stings, and boo boo's. These young Mommy's have made a believer out of me :)

If your interested in learning more about this road down Essential oils we are starting you can check out DD#1 link. I will warn you I think it's not a very user friendly site :)

Off to mix a lotion or potion for a headache then off to Tyler's spring football game.


  1. interesting. I need to check this out, as dh reckons he never sleeps at all during the night, or the day come to think of it!!

  2. I LOVE essential oils!!! Wish I had started using them sooner but better late than never, right?!!! Your Camelias are beautiful!


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