Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter Project Started

 I had clean out the attic on my winter must do list. Well that didn't happen due to hubby's travels so it was moved to February....still didn't happen due to his travels. Now here it is close to the end of March, better late than never right?
There is so much junk packed up there it's not even funny. Yesterday before we had to hit the grands game circuit I handed down a full days work for today. Most of the sorting for now will be baby related. Tater Tot is growing so fast I can't keep up with keeping him dressed when he is with us. I know I have things he could use mixed in these tubs somewhere.
Other happenings is scrapbook related. I shoved Christmas albums aside for now to work on another organizing related project. As well as a small endeavor scrapbook related...I will share soon :)
Is the time change kicking anyone else rump? I am a morning person all the way, by 6:00PM I am ready to call it a day. Getting up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning with the sun not showing its face until hours later has my internal clock all messed up.
Last night it all came together for the perfect storm. The grands have all had colds, respiratory infections, bronchitis, the works. I woke up yesterday feeling like I had swallowed a Brillo pad, it was so bad even my ears were burning. I do not have the time to nurse a nasty spring cold for a week or two!!!!!
DD#1 and her buddy Becky to the rescue. They are healing oil gyro's :) I hit the bed with their lotions and potions at 6:30 last night. They ordered Lavender in the diffuser along with a roller ball of some sort of mix to rub on my throat and jawline overnight. I do believe they were right on target. I feel so much better already!!!! I am amazed  by what all they are doing using oils, so much so that I bought a kit so they can keep mixing up special oils for hubby and I.
Over the counter meds are a No No for me as they sometimes interact all wrong with my seizure medication. That opens up a whole new nasty can of worms :)
Off to the races (attic sorting) Hubby has made 2 more appointments with contractors I get to deal with today. I am soooo over all this getting quots I could spit :)

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