Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where in the World is....

 I am back :) At least I hope to get back to regular blogging! I took a very unexpected break for some me time, catch up, get my act together and basically rest during what has turned out to be a real winter here in the south.
 Compaired to the weather North of the Mason Dixon line our winter was nothing :) But for us it has been a really big deal. The kiddo's finally had their first full week of school last week after 6 weeks of missing a day or more each week, crazy!!
 I had a mini me vacation thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift from a dear friend. Four days and three nights at a scrapbooking retreat!!!!
 Throw a few ice storms into the mix is a sure way to get some quite time. Ain't nobody going nowhere in this!
 My main concentration each day has been to get the grands scrapbooks updated. Lots and lots of layouts, pocket cards, and pages completed.
 One of my main goals was to use what I have on hand. Being snowed/iced in helped with that goal.
 Mixing traditional scrapbooking
With pocket page scrapbooking
 Makes for some very, very messy days
And ink stained hands :)
I never intended to take such a long break....It happened so quickly....I was all set to make a drive down to my Sisters to deliver a freezer/pantry full of food when hubby was called out unexpectedly to the field. With this quick change of plans hubby did my delivery on his way to the job site. Me....I got into a funk :( Just when we think he will be home for a good long time it always seems to happen. This time I decided bury myself in scrapbooking while he was gone.
Since our/my plans/goals for February went out the window I figured it was a good time to dig deep into working on Christmas albums for our DD's families. I had not updated Christmas albums since 2009. In my mind I figured I could whip through those pages in no time at all. WRONG!!!! Our DD's have added 4 babies to the family in 4 years. Add to that I am on my 3rd PC in the same time frame. Finding photo's between all the systems and back ups, editing, deleting, enlarging, printing, cropping, oh my!!!!
After spending hours and hours on electronics I couldn't make myself sit down each day to work on a bogging post. On days I could finally pick up photo's at the printers all I wanted to do was create pages, lots and lots of pages. No time to blog and really would anyone be interested?
In my quest to complete the Christmas albums and use what I had on hand there has been a WHOLE lotta downsizing, organizing, and donating. Thankfully not much spending, what little bit I have spent was on what I consider hard tools :) I will share later.
Now here we are 6 weeks or more later, are the Christmas albums complete? NO Are they close to being complete, maybe. Is the sewing/scraproom all clean and organized? Not a chance :)
I am obsessed with getting these albums updated!! Hubby has finally returned home. Finding a balance between the two....It's a work in progress :)


  1. So glad to see you back. Missed your posts. Just in case you didn't know - you are an inspiration to many. I understand the winter funk - yesterday it reached 35 degrees and sunny and you'd of thought everyone around town hit the lottery.

  2. I am glad you are back! Missed your posts about all that is going on with your family. I, too, live in the South and this past month has been crazy with the weather.

  3. I was really worried about you! I almost never comment but I read your blog nearly everyday. I'm so glad everyone is okay. I've really missed keeping up with you.

  4. welcome back!!! tater tot is getting big!!!!! so cute!!!!!!

  5. Well you certainly weren't slacking off! ;) lol!! Welcome back!