Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time Flies

Tater Tot is growing like a weed. He is fast as lightning, into something all of the time, always with a smile on his sweet face.
This is less than a month ago on Valentine's day just learning to stand up even on hardwood floors no less
And now he is walking along with some heavy lifting :( Thankfully he loves to be rocked and cuddled so we still have a baby :)
 Yesterday's trip to the grocery. I HATE buying milk when last weeks 1/2 gallon has hardly been touched. Note to self, drink more milk!!
Hubby celebrated a Birthday yesterday. He requested an Ice Cream cake, yuck! Knowing that the rest of the family is not a big fan of ice cream cakes I figured I better pick out some cupcakes for the rest of us. Dirt desert cupcakes!!!! I haven't thought about dirt desert in such a long time. The reaction on the grands faces was priceless.

Does anyone else remember dirt desert from back in the 80's? For you young bucks it's nothing more than a chocolate cake with white frosting. Sprinkle with some crushed Oreo's on top then add Gummy worms. I made sure to push a few into the cake so it looked like the worm's were working their way out way back when.

Yesterday I decided to not kill anyone. I had a few people on the list.

 As I was brushing my teeth in the morning preparing to hit the road on some errands for DD#1 I got that is someone looking at me feeling. I looked up and there stood DD#3, it's hard to scream with a mouth full of foam, but inhaling it, no problem. Since she is the mother of two of our grands I allowed her to live.

I called hubby to remind him he would need to leave a bit early from work so we could make it to the restaurant for his BD dinner at 6:00, yep no problem. I was working away in the sewing/scrap room and lost track of time. Holy Moly it's 5:30, the BD boy was not yet home. I made quick call to see if he was stuck in traffic.
Me - Where are you?
Him - Right here waiting for you
Me- Holy crap are you in the den?
Him - No at the restaurant
Me - !#@$ What!! You were going to come home so we could ride together, grrr
Him - I must have gotten mixed up

On the way over I called our DD's to let them know I would be late, go ahead and order don't wait for me. The grands can only sit still for so long, no need to make them wait.

I pull into the parking lot, hubby comes out to the car.......I knew something was up....

Me - What are you doing? You guys should be eating
Him - We are waiting for a table
Me - We had a  reservation for 6:00, it's already 6:30
Him - Well I changed it from the dinning room to the grill
Me - WHAT!!!!!
Him - The grands love the show
Me - OK buddy boy, it's your BD, as long as you keep biggy sizing and going for the deluxe package you may never get to retire.

I did not kill him. Slap an additional $100.00 onto the bill when we eat at the grill, I give up :)

Only one errand for today Yaaa  Hope to spend the rest of the day continuing to clean up/out the sewing/scrap room


  1. He was the birthday boy after all!! Great people were born this time of year!!

  2. Wow, just wow! Where did the time go???