Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time Out Teddy

 My one errand yesterday was to pick up a pair of jeans for Mason man. DD#1 is crazy overworked right now with catching her students up at school from all of the snow days, Spring sports starting for all 3 of her kiddo's, mandatory plans every night this week after work, and still keeping up the house, meals, laundry, you know the drill. I was happy to help out.
 Well don't you know I spent more than planned. The store was running a 50% off sale on their spring collection. What the heck might as well pick up the grands Easter outfits/photo shoot clothes. Tater Tot and Kara will be sporting coordinating outfits that are sweet, durable, and can be worn all summer.
 Tyler and Mason Man got matching shirts in spring colors of yellow and navy blue. Karsyn a dress in navy blue, throw a green hair bow on and she is good. Again everything can be worn spring and summer, casual enough to wear everyday. As a bonus I have some Gymboore bucks to use next month.
 I have been working on ribbon organization for over a month. Every time I get started something comes up to pull me away. Some days I just didn't get very far, my mojo just wasn't there. This morning I took the phone off the hook and set my Time out Teddy for one hour. After finishing this rack over my desk I moved on to the next area.
 This is an old shoe rack that I have repurposed to hold yet more ribbon.
The last of the ribbon stash :) I did reset Teddy for an additional 30 minutes so I could finally FINISH this gone on too long project. Needless to say I have WAY to much ribbon, between sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows for the little girls, and who the heck knows why I will NOT go down another ribbon isle for many, many years. Is this all you ask? No, blush. All of the Christmas ribbon is on my Raskog cart.

We are being blessed with beautiful weather this week, today's high was 80 degrees, what a difference a week makes!! I have high hopes with the windows open letting in some fresh air I can move forward a bit more on problem areas I have started but can't seem to finish in the sewing/craft room.

I am making sewing/scrapbooking my first Spring cleaning projects. The rest of the house can wait for a bit. I can keep up pretty well with everything else, its the creative areas that always suffer.

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