Thursday, March 19, 2015

Signs of Spring

 What a great surprise that many of our Daffodils survived the gallons of vinegar I poured on the front beds last summer to kill all of the ivy!!!
 It's finally time for some outdoor grilling and a fresh salad. This is a bowl of all the ends, bits, and pieces that use to go down the garbage disposal or just get thrown out back in the mulch pile
 No more of that!! They are now being composted in my Christmas gift from hubby :) He thought I was crazy when he saw this on my Christmas wish list. Our girls made sure their hubbies knew to NEVER ever think a composter would be an appropriate gift for any occasion. Ha
One of the million and one Honey Do errands this week was to take hubby's old leaf blower to the repair shop. After speaking briefly to the nice fella helping me out it was determined the repairs would cost almost as much as a new one. Executive decision....put the old one that is at least 15 years old to the curb. I drove directly to Goodwill after making the purchase to drop off his old blower. You see after almost 40 years I know my man. The retired leaf blower would have joined all the other worn out, won't work, maybe I can piddle with it someday tools stored in the garage. When I shared the fate of his old blower with him I saw a second of pure panic on his face....He got over it :)
I am still at the "let it Go" project in the scrap/sewing room. I have no room to knock hubby for tucking away his treasures in the garage. Why would anyone keep sticker packs that are 99% used up? Me   I am happy to report they have been tossed along with lots of other 99% used up stuff. 
My oh so little free time has been spent making cute stuff with my new Cricut Artbooking cartridge by CTMH. As I am cleaning out, decluttering, updating, and rethinking my scrapbooking stash I am trying to get away from embellishments that I can only use a time or two leaving me with more STUFF to store. Investing in a few Hard tools that are versatile and won't go out of style seems the way to go. The fact that I was able to purchase it at 1/2 price of course sweetened the deal :)

Today is the FIRST day in forever that I don't have to go any where!!!! Our days and nights have been filled with errands, ball games, and meeting with contractors for some home repairs. Today the contractors will be coming to me :) Basketball season finished up last might with a nice large first place trophy for Tyler's team.

My plan.......Something for the crock pot, home made bread, a sweet for desert, and working on  Halloween scrapbooking pages. I love stay at home days!!!!


  1. I too am surprised all that vinegar didn't kill your spring bulbs. Maybe they like vinegar?

  2. I'm happy to know vinegar kills ivy....although, I don't have ivy. But, I do have some weeds I'm going to use it on. Thanks for sharing! Maybe, if I read more about you getting busy with your scrapbooks, just maybe it will put a fire under me to get to working on mine.

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