Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Behind Once Again

 We had such a great time with the big and little kiddo's on Halloween. Tyler isn't into scary so he went as a Football player of his favorite team.
 Karsyn as always wanted to be a Princess
 Mason Man a "Bad Guy" Pirate
 Kara a purple "Bat Girl"
 The winner of all costumes this year were Papaw and Tater Tot!! A biggy and nugget size Tootsie Rolls.
 Somehow in all the craziness over the weekend I got our Apple Butter canned.
As well as the Applesauce worked up :)
The pace around our home and life lately has been insane!!!! But in a good way :) Keeping up with one or more of the Grands since last Thursday, canning, Halloween, Peewee football playoffs, Everyday living,....the list goes on and on. If the stars stay lined up just right I will be toddler free for the next two days!!! That might be just enough time to prepare for our yearly family Mt. trip.
The house is in need of some major TLC, bills to pay, winter clothes to drag out, and some pre trip baking needs to be done in just two short days.
One tiny step forward yesterday was I collected all the in progress Christmas stockings along with everything I need for working on them into one basket. I have continued to work on them after the week long challenge was over when I can find the time. Problem with that was whenever one or more of the little ones came in the door I was scrabbling to shove whatever I was working on out of the reach of little hands. Toddlers, needles, sequins, and scissors don't mix :) The downside of that accomplishment was when I was ready to fall to the sofa last night I was inspired by the cute organized stocking basket. What the heck, might as well do just a little handwork....I forced myself to go to be at 1:00AM!!!! I am not a night person!!
I think the biggest driving force for staying up so late last night working on a stocking was that NO ONE will be eating it up, pooping on them (I hope), they won't need to be washed, picked up, strapped in a car set, feed a snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Once they are done, they will be...well done :) I need a few more DONE's in my life :)
Also this time change deal kicks my rump every time, the little kiddo's too are having a heck of a time with the adjustment. Today I will just go with the flow :) Baking, kitchen duties, and downstairs cleaning for the morning. The afternoon is any ones guess, might be a long very needed nap or maybe I can get a second wind and continue on.
Anyone else struggling with the new time change? I wonder who thought it up? They should be short sheeted I think!!!!!

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