Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Deals

 With Christmas list in hand I worked a few deals yesterday morning. I had a leftover balance on a GC for $50.00 along with 2 - 10% off coupons on one book, and our regular 10% off membership card. Bottom line $92.00 in books cost me $21.23 out of pocket for 5 gifts. Yaaa.
Next deal was at Kholes with a 20% off total order coupon. The BD gift I ordered for Mason man over a week ago had sill NOT shipped from Amazon, grrrr. I also had $30.00 in Kholes bucks. The regular price on this "bad guy" ship was $54.00, can't remember the sale price but it was a whole heck of a lot cheaper!! Also picked up a pair of slacks for my Sister that were on sale. Once the discount for Kholes rewards program, coupon, and Kholes bucks were figured in my out of pocket was $11.98. I do so love a deal any time of the year, it is especially sweet when Christmas shopping :)
 Here is a deal from last year :) I need/want a few snacks around for when our family gets in next week before Thanksgiving. These white chocolate peanut butter treats are always a hit and easy to make. I use 1/2 a bag of white chocolate chips the rest I use white candy melts. Candy melts were in the clearance area after Christmas last year for $.25 a package!! Now is the time to stock the pantry for baking supplies, the specialty stuff is dirt cheap after Christmas :)
We ended the day with our girls and Tater Tot at the Southern Christmas Show. This little guy has the best disposition all of the time, always laughing and smiling, what a joy :) DD#1 found a cute shaw sorta thing she wanted. Bingo another Christmas gift!!
I was super excited to find a vendor at the Christmas show that carried a ton of Melissa and Doug toys. We picked up Mason Mans toy that Amazon had still not shipped for $10.00 less plus no shipping charges. DEAL!

I do so hope I can keep scoring some deals on Christmas gifts this year as we/I have not stayed on budget for most of the year :( The big girls gave me their wish lists last night, I have high hopes I can continue finding some rock bottom prices :)

OK for all you new Nanny's/Mommy's here is a toy tip. Take some time to check out the Melissa and Doug brand of toys this year for gifts. The quality is always great, they are well made and don't need batteries!!! What!!!!! a toy that doesn't DO stuff? Yep, the kiddo's have to DO the stuff o their own. love that :) We have lots of their puzzles from years and years ago, play kitchen food and equipment, and some of the cute Fold and Go sets. The kiddo's play for hours and hours using their imagination just like the good old days :) We saw the Nativity Fold and Go set they carry last night set up, it is a must have if you don't already have a child friendly Nativity.

Off to the races as we have 2 family Birthday parties this weekend, carpet cleaning, yard work and two little ones to keep up with, never a dull moment!


  1. you did great on getting gifts at good prices.

    I like Melissa and Doug too. Our local childrens museum has a lot of Melissa and Doug in their gift shop, I just told the bachelor uncle he should do his Christmas shopping for his 5 neices and nephews there and he really liked that idea.

    How can Tater Tot possibly be so big already? He is a doll and isn't a happy baby a double blessing?

  2. Wow, Tater Tot is huge already! I hope our "twinkies" grow just as fast :) I noticed that Amazon has been really slow lately with their shipping. I used to get their packages within a couple of days. Now it takes weeks to even get it shipped...

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