Monday, November 3, 2014

Mini Trip

 Hubby surprised me today at lunch with a trip to the Mt's to get our apples for the winter. What a beautiful ride.
 Couldn't get good photo's of the autumn colors with my head hanging out the window at 70 miles an hour :)
 Somehow, someway, someday I need to work up this bushel and a 1/2 of apples
 After our quick trip SIL#1 and the kiddo's joined us for dinner and pumpkin carving.
 Karsyn was being her normal girly girl, no way was she touching the guts!!!
 Mason jumped right in. "I not afraid of de guts"
Karsyn was super happy with her Daddy's carving skills
I am so behind on this blog :) There is just no time theses days to keep up with everything it seems.
I have DD#1 little ones today along with a house that is screaming for some TLC.  The weather and time change has hubby and I both off our game!!! If I can make a tiny bit of progress today I just might be back to normal in the next few days as so far I have TWO days without any little feet and hands distracting me :)


  1. Those little mini-trips are the best ones sometimes. The kids are darling working on those of them is working on the pumpkins. lol Have a great day- xo Diana

  2. Beautiful pictures of the fall colors. Our granddaughters share Karsyn's opinion of pumpkin guts!