Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catch Up Time

 Warning, this post is photo HEAVY :) Remember this wall hanging from 1990? I wasn't going to let up until it was completed this past weekend!!!!
 It took only 24 years. Ya, they are that time consuming if you bury them far enough back in your craft closet :)
 The kiddo's take one of the hand made toys each day then place them in Santa's sack. On the 24th the last item is a tiny Nativity scene. Love that!!
 Kara has been working hard getting Nanny and Papaws house ready for Thanksgiving.
 She had a great time helping pick out a pumpkin from the leftovers at our local farm 1/2 price BTW :) Our Turkey pumpkin is by far her favorite decoration.
 Only in the South can you go from 76 degrees down to 40 overnight. Last nights low was 22, burrrr
Our wood stove is the perfect place to hang out at the end of the day.
 Of course lots of home cooking has been going on :) I made a triple batch of Paula Deens Stuffed Peppers yesterday to share with the big girls families, our supper, and 3 freezer meals. This is a must try recipe
 Everything taste's better with some home made yeast rolls don't you think :)
 I have been working and running around like a crazy lady this past week. Last night we ran over to DD#1's home to deliver dinner and get some grand hugs. My tennis shoes were still drying at the wood stove so I just threw on a pair of flip flops before heading out the door. We made a quick stop at the store on the way out. Wonder if anyone noticed my unmatched flip flops? I need to slow down!
 Kara loves to decorate, really and truly the kid is nuts for fluffing the house at holiday's. We took her out Saturday to pick up a few things for her own home, we found NOTHING. Why the heck are stores skipping Thanksgiving? It seems like every year is getting worse :( I had to make a run to Hobby Lobby this morning, getting in on some early black Friday sales!!! I was tickled to death to find they still had a pretty good selection of Thanksgiving decor left. As a bonus everything was 80% off!!! All this loot cost under $22.00, I couldn't buy the fabric for the place mates at that price. Can't wait to see the wild child's face when she sees the bag of Thanksgiving goodies I found for her.
 I had thought putting this new table runner together would be easy as pie. Not so much! I took forever to cut out and iron on all of the appliques.
I am going to give clear thread a try on this one. There are just too darn many colored leaves and letters. This will be a new experience for me, that is as soon as I can find the time to set down at the machine.

Today I am feeling overwhelmed......There are just so many 1/2 done projects going on around the house I don't know where to start. What should have been just a few run in and out errands turned into hours this morning. I didn't expect that so many stores already had their Black Friday sales going on, how could I pass them up sine we NEVER EVER go out on Black Friday? I will have to share the clothing super deals I picked up on tomorrow's post, holy cow!!!! I knocked out close to a dozen Christmas gifts at 50%-80% off!!! Go me!!!

The other thing that is on my mind/heart is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Food, Family, Fun, Football, The overwhelming Feeling of Gratefulness for all we have. The world seems to be just skipping over this special family time of the year. Thanksgiving is being taken over by what I consider the greed of business that think they MUST be open on Thanksgiving day, don't get me started on Black Friday, GRRRRRRRR

Can we not take just one day off a year to just BE........Be thankful, Be happy, Be Grateful, Be together, Be in our homes, Be so full of yummy food we can't get off the sofa? Is it really so important to purchase more stuff that most people don't even need that we can't take one day to join together with family and friends to bow our heads and  give thanks?

That's my rant for the day :) Now I need to figure out where I am going to hide all these Christmas gifts before the big and little kiddo's find them

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  1. I hear you, Debby. I wish they would leave Thanksgiving alone and as for those stores that open at midnight-just plain nuts to me-but maybe I am just old school.

    Love that project that took you 20+ years to complete! It was worth finishing. I am with you I have several 1/2 done projects and that just drives me nuts, too.

    I have Thanksgiving on the mind-it is here this year and I can't wait. xo Diana