Thursday, November 20, 2014


 Hubby has decided he is going to have the best garden in town next spring, we will see how that works out once July's temperatures come roaring in :) My part of the new and improved garden preps was to mail off his dirt sample yesterday. Nothing better than running around when it's 22 degree's outside, BURRRR
 Check out my new winter wardrobe :) I was really and truly out of winter shirts that didn't have all sorts of nasty stains on them from the last few years of keeping the grands full and part time. Our Belk store had an additional 40% off clearance items sale going on. Scored nine shirts for $125.00!!! Total saved $232.00.
 Between running the roads, organizing, and listing Christmas gifts I have purchased during the year I got a head start on some holiday goodies for Thanksgiving. Chocolate covered nuts are one of hubby's many favorites.
And some granola bars mostly for me, seems hubby thinks they are a little to healthy for him, the grands...they can take them or leave them.

It is still so darn cold here I don't want to be out and about doing anything :) Staying at home working on 101 Christmas projects and trying to figure out how the heck to get the sewing room back in shape is where I want to be. I DO NOT miss upstate NY where we lived may years ago, holy cow batman!!! I will never forget the look on my Southern boys face when he read in our lease we were required to do snow removal on the roof. :)

Sew let me ask you, have you ever thought you had lost a handmade Christmas item or two? Let me tell you turning your already messy sewing room upside down in search of two Christmas gifts you thought all you need was a day or two to finish up is not a pretty sight. Low and behold I found the missing my surprise I wasn't nearly as far along on those gifts as I have imagined. Crapola, I have some work to do. Sigh. All of our gifts this year are Christmas related. The plan was to have them in the mail the first week of December so the recipients could enjoy them this season. Now...who knows.

Our schedule has already started to get crazy for the holiday season. Tonight is our annual "Southern Christmas Show" evening out with the big girls. Saturday Mason mans 3rd Birthday, Sunday SIL Birthday dinner, Tuesday Thanksgiving feast with the toddlers at Pre School, Sister in Law and her family arrive that same day, followed by 5 days of family time (lots of cooking) So far the big girls have not started sending me Pintrest posts of "Mom can you make" ideas they want for their homes but I know it's coming :)

Ahh the joys of having a big family!! I wouldn't want it any other way :)

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  1. chocolate and nuts are one of my favorites too, yum!

    there is a nice Belk in our town, just a couple miles from our home but I haven't shopped there in more than 2-3 years. But I am going to look closer the next time I see one of their ads. I know exactly what you mean about grands being hard on your wardrobe