Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Me Day

I have been needing a Me Day for too long :) Some time to finish up a few things without a time crunch for a change.
DD#1's countdown to Christmas Album had been sitting around 90% done for over a month.
It's good to get some finishes in. Sign, sealed, and delivered!
Another need to finish up was this table runner. I dreaded working with clear threat to attach the appliques. What a pain!!!! My machine does not like clear thread no matter what settings I used.
Still have the wreath to applique on, quilt, and bind but a little done is better than none done don't you think?
Moving on.....Whipped up a nice pile of felt paper dolls as well. Hopefully stitching faces and hair on will be a nice easy project to work on after dinner in the evenings.
And...The start of some houses for the felt dolls to live in.
The fronts came together pretty easily, hope this inside will go as smoothly :)
It is amazing how much can be completed when I ground myself to our HOME!! The old me would have been upset at the end of the day for not finishing everything I started yesterday. The new me is just happy to have made some progress :)
After a good nites sleep I think I am ready to finish up the clear thread stitching on the table runner this morning. Sandwiching, quilting, and binding....who knows. Nobody likes a high achiever right? :)
We have an action packed day with DD#1's toddlers beginning with their Thanksgiving feast and  pre school program today. They will hang out with us for the afternoon helping with Thanksgiving day baking and merry making. The little girls have requested a sleepover tonight......Maybe they will forget :) I am not sure I am up to an all nighter to kick off the holiday weekend. Oh well.
The evening will bring hubby's family in from FL and NJ, a pot of soup in the crock pot along with a few loaves of bread seems to be the most realistic meal I can pull off with the little ones in and out all day. Our temperature of 75 from yesterday should drop like a rock as the day goes on to the 30's by evening, soup it is :)
Time to shower and get this day started. I hear hubby moving around upstairs he is sure to be ready for his morning feeding.

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