Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ta Da

 After only 4 years the little girls stockings are complete :)
 Mason Mans as well :)
What a relief to have then all done way before its time to hang them this year!!!

 I can't ever seem to have one project finished before I run into something else that is just too cute to pass up. Wonder if that is the reason the sewing/scrap room is such a mess? While hanging out on the back deck while on our family vacation enjoying the fall weather (getting away from the noise and craziness in the cabin) I ran into this cute felt paper doll set. Hummm, I wonder if the little girls had something like this to play with would they find a corner to play quietly in?
I knew I had more fabric than I would need to whip up a ton of pint size dresses. Embroidery floss..check, buttons, and bows...Oh ya!
My mind started spinning. These would be great to take to Church to keep little ones busy, Dr. office, car rides, heck Ya. They are a must do!!!! You can find the pattern ordering info HERE
I would love to jump right in on these felt paper dolls this morning for our little girls but...I need to stay on task. I WILL finish the Christmas calendar kit this year!!!!! With any luck I can knock it out in the evenings this week. In my excitement I did pulled together the fabric and notions that I think I will need so I will be ready to rock the felt dolls soon :)
I spent 2 hours in the sewing room yesterday trying to make a dent in the messes I have piled up on every surface. I must say I can tell NO difference :( I clearly need to complete a whole heck of a lot of UFO's. I also need to stay the heck off line trolling for cute things :)
Today I hope to come up with a plan of sewing/crafting action. I figure I have part of next week to complete some tasks, then maybe the week after Thanksgiving could be the next catch up week before we get in full swing with Christmas going on's. 
With winter at our doorstep literaly!!! I know how I will be spending my time this year. It was 76 degrees here yesterday...the high today...50 then dropping lower by tomorrow. Bring it on!!! I need to be grounded to the sewing room



  1. What beautiful stockings! I too have many UFOs. I started some counted cross stitch stockings with great enthusiasm years ago and have one finished and two still in the works. I have waited long enough that it's really hard on my hands and eyes to do the cross stitch. I had visions of stockings for all our kids and grandkids, but may have to rethink that one! Love the felt paper dolls!

  2. Ta Da! Good job- they are darling stockings! xo Diana

  3. the stockings are beautiful! and I predict you will have several sets of those sweet paper dolls sewn up soon :)