Monday, November 24, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane

 One of the many To Do's on my weekend list was to get a cake made for SIL#2's Birthday. I am thankful our SIL's are like me when it comes to store bought cakes, home made is the only way to go for us! Kara was so excited to be able to make her "Best Daddy" a real cake.
 No Birthday cake would be complete without sprinkles so I let her have at it.
 It turned out quite festive don't you think? As I was taking this photo she did a sneaky taste test. Results..."Delicious"
 Saturday was Mason Man's early 3rd Birthday as they will be out of town over Thanksgiving this year.
 DD#1 and hubby decided to do a neighborhood hot dog cook out party including the big and little kids
 What party would be complete without a bit of entertainment! This bouncy house was HUGE!!!! Can you see Kara standing on the left by the slide? Even the adults could have gotten in on the fun :)
Between all the parties, diapers, and yard work hubby and I tag teamed the carpets and area rugs in the entire house. Talk about a JOB!!!! I had planned on having everything professionally cleaned but by the time I got around to making an appointment I couldn't have it done until after Thanksgiving, sigh....For just under $60.00 we now have 5 rooms of carpet/area rugs spic and span clean.
And our living room sofa's and ottoman are also fresh and clean!!!!! This was a back breaking savings of over $400.00. Gotta love that :)

Hubby and I both were glad to hit the bed last night!! We have had and action packed weekend. This week will be about the same, go, go, go. I hope to get some baking and sewing finished up today before our family arrives tomorrow. Pre school Thanksgiving feast with Mason man and Karsyn as well tomorrow followed by a play date at Nanny's. If that's not enough for one day the little girls want a sleepover Tuesday night before Karsyn has to leave town for Thanksgiving which should add to the exhaustion :)

Hubby and I both took some time to ourselves for just play yesterday morning. He in his garage, me at the sewing machine before Sunday dinner/Birthday with the family. I gave working with clear thread a try, UGH!!!!! My fancy machine does not like clear thread! I also got started on felt paper dolls....the jury is still out on that project. I wasn't in much of a mood to sew such tiny little bitty things :)

It's off to the races for me. I need to get the house back in order so they can once again make a mess :)

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