Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Confessions of a Crafter

 The one and only thing I have packed for our family vacation is this basket of stocking kits :)
 As I was digging around in the sewing room yesterday I ran into this almost completed kit. I have been working on it off and on for years. It has been added to the stocking basket!
Can you see the date on the kit? 1990!!! Yep that's 24 years folks, I have been working on it off more than on for all these years :)

I wonder if I would win the "Who has the oldest ongoing craft project" award? Ha I know I lay my hands on this kit many times during the year and over the years but for the life of me something more important always comes up. NO MORE!!! This kit will be done, completed, finished, hanging proudly some place for the Grands to enjoy THIS YEAR!!!!

So I did a little reflecting regarding this kit and how it fit into our (my) life 24 years ago. DD#1 was 13 years old, DD#2 was 9 years old, DD#3 was 8 years old. Our girls "Believed" in Santa for a long, long time, however...... I am pretty sure they were past the Santa age by the time this kit landed in my shopping buggy!!!

Humm...maybe I was missing the old days when our girls did "Believe". Could it have been an intended gift for someone else with little ones?  I know I must have found it on a super after Christmas sale!! Maybe just maybe the stars and sale lined up just right and a little voice inside my Crafters brain said buy it now so it will be completed by the time you have a house full of Grand kids :)

Enough with the past I am moving on to the future :) This kit will no longer be moved to the back burner. I complete Karsyn's stocking last night other than adding her name. That's 2 stockings down 2 more to go!!! Mason man stocking only needs the hand and bead work completed. I have high hopes I can make a big dent in that work tonight :) Tater Tots stocking was next in the basket.....he just got bumped :) The Santa Countdown has been moved into its place.

I forewarned hubby last night that there is a great possibility I will be sneaking off to our room on vacation for some ME time. Wanna guess what will be in my hot crafters hands?

Does anyone else have an ongoing craft project or two tucked away in a deep dark closet? I have a bad feeling this is not the only long ago forgotten project that is hidden in the sewing room. Maybe, just maybe after Christmas I will dig around for more lost treasures :)

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  1. I have a fabric nativity set that I bought when our children were little, maybe 18-20 years ago. I made up the manger and baby Jesus and that's it. Every year I say "This year I'm going to get it done in the summer time so it will be ready for Christmas." Well, it might be done by the time some grandchildren arrive. At least I can hope. Have fun with your projects!