Friday, December 12, 2014

Be somebody's Christmas Blessing

 Our Christmas Angel for this year ask for very little. A doll house, roller skates, and a Frozen doll. Having 3 daughters of our own I know from experience girls always enjoy a new outfit at Christmas so we fluffed up her list a bit with a cute purple outfit. We have already had some record breaking cold weather, might as well add a coat to her loot :) When hubby and I were picking out her doll house  he suggested we should buy a little extra furniture and accessories :) Her skates....I had regular pink skates in our buggy, hubby questioned why weren't we getting Frozen skates since we know she must like Frozen. Bubba the frozen skates are $20.00 more. His words to me "Christmas is not the time to go cheap, get the ones she will be excited about!!"
 Yesterday a good friend posted on FB that there were a whole lot of Seniors left on a local Angel tree. That will not do!! After sharing the post with others hubby and I went to pick out a Senior Angel. As you can see we ended up picking a few :)

Not sure if the photo is clear enough to read their wish lists
Ronald ask for : Socks, PJ's, blanket, deodorant, and a radio
Robert ask for : Sweat suit, throw blanket, chocolate, toothbrush and comb
Flora Mae ask for : Robe, toaster, and toilet paper

All of these list hit our heart, they have ask for so little. Flora Mae's broke my heart :( who of us have toilet paper on our wish list?  So I am standing at the tree in the chamber of Commerce looking at Flora's list crying (without water proof mascara). How in the world in a country as wealthy as ours have elderly people who look forward to toilet paper under the tree. My emotions were all over the place today while shopping for these sweet people. Happy that we have more than enough to share with others, glad we have friends who pass the word to others the needs of our community on FB, and MAD that elderly people are doing without the basics. BTW I think I might be the only person in the store today weeping as I added Flora's toilet paper to my buggy.
Our adopted Seniors got every single thing on their lists. This was one time I went with Biggy size :) They all got minky blankets, they all got socks, they all got PJ's, they all got a radio/CD player, Ditto on every toiletries I could think of . Added some lavender hand lotion to Flora's stocking, we girls are never to old to smell good. Chocolate for betcha, along with lots of other store bought holiday snacks for all.

Certainly this is the season for giving but not just at Christmas. Winter is a wonderful time to do some giving without breaking a tight budget. Most of us are stuck in the house early during winter, its the perfect time to play the coupon game.

One of my favorites is CVS, coupons matched with sales in addition to CVS bucks, be still my heart!!!! EBT cards (food stamps) can't be used for hygiene products or cleaning supplies. Why not start a giving box of everything you can pick up for free or almost free playing the coupon game? Get the kiddo's involved, this is some hands on learning about saving and spending wisely along with helping children develop the "heart of a giver"

This is the best time of year to stock up on baking supplies, spices, and lots of the extras. The sales are great, the coupons are plentiful you can score some killer deals. Poor Mothers and Fathers are no different than any other parents, they too want to provide some special treats for their family. Trust me on this, your cakes and cookies will be so much sweeter knowing a family less fortunate is having some too because you took the time to search out the deals :)

Don't be that person who tells your kiddo's to clean their plate because children in Africa or wherever are hungry. Kids learn by example not words. Be the Mommy or Daddy who gets their kids involved. Have them help clip coupon, study the sales flyer's, shop for the food, and stock the charity box. Remind them when they are eating their special treats of how many children are enjoying the same special cookie, cupcake, or whatever because of THEM and all the hard work they have done putting that charity box together with you.


  1. I was so touched by this post and you and your husband's generosity. What a blessing you were to so many people. In my opinion, that's what Christmas spirit is all about. I'm glad I found your blog today. Blessings to you and happy holidays... :)

  2. God blessed you and your husband with generous and giving hearts. Your grandchildren will learn everything they need to know about being WONDERFUL people from the 2 of you.

  3. Bless you for your generosity! You're giving these people a very merry Christmas!