Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some Fun Savings

 Hubby and I headed out for a bit of Christmas shopping last night with GC's in hand. I wanted to check the price for an electric knife we need for a Christmas gift. Well now what do you think a cordless electric knife might cost you? Drum roll...... $149.99, holy cow!!!! Needless to say the electric knife was moved to the big box store shopping list. Figured I might as well shop around for any deals they might have. Score!!! Turkey brine regular priced at $18.00 was marked down to $6.99, apple caramel sauce regular price $15.00 marked down to $5.99, Sanding sugar regular price $7.99 sale price $4.99. The little girls are head over heels for anything "Frozen" the sanding sugar will be a real hit with them. I do believe apple caramel sauce is yummy no matter what time of year:)
 We LOVE to brine our turkeys. The brand pictured above is really, really good however with a price tag of $18.00, the brine would cost as much as the turkey :) To get the great flavor of this brine but without the high cost I mix up a simple home made brine then mix it in with the fancy stuff.
 Results 4 pretty fancy brine mixes at a cost of $3.50 each. Regular price for the fancy stuff $72.00. Love that :)
The grands would like tree skirts for their mini Christmas trees Papaw and I picked up for them last week. After checking around for mini tree skirts the best price I found was $14.99 each. No way!! I found some leftover minky backing along with leftover ruffles to make "frozen" tree skirts for the little girls. Used leftover green felt for the boys along with rick rack in their favorite colors.

The last of today's savings was to make new bows for our window wreaths. I picked up the cutest ever door wreath after Christmas last year on sale at 75% off. Totally forgot until I hung the door wreath yesterday that the window wreaths no long matched, sigh We have a pretty cool store not far from home that has tons of floral supplies at dirt cheap prices IMO. 25 yards of sparkly wired ribbon for $6.99, nice....9 bows with enough leftovers for an additional one if needed for $6.99. I have no idea what a pre made bow runs but I do know even the dollar store they couldn't beat this price :)

I have spent the entire day going from one project to another in high gear. Some things I was able to complete others are a step closer to completion. I sew need to get two gifts in the mail no later than Friday of this week, I hope I can, I hope I can!!! Next week MUST be holiday baking. Our girls are always hitting us up for a cookie/snack platter at the last minute. A freezer full of goodies keeps this Nanny from pulling an all nighter!!!!

How are your holiday prep's going? Are you able to stay on budget so far? How about home made gifts? Do you feel like your chasing you tail trying to stay/get caught up?

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  1. Oh- You have done good so far!!!! I love those wreaths. I am wondering what I am going to find when I go to dig out my treasures...if I ever get around to it.

    Loving Christmas at your house!! xo Diana