Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Cheer

 Saturday morning was our 25th annual Lawn Mower Christmas Parade.
 Hubby was looking sporty on his 1969 tractor with it's modified pipe :)
 I hope Blake isn't disappointed once all the sights and sounds of Christmas is over. He is so enjoying all his Papaw's singing dancing snowmen
 After Sunday dinner the little ones got busy on their Christmas gifts for the birds. Peanut butter/seed pin cones. Sweet Mason took a lick of his hands, "Nanny I no like crunchy peanut butter" Oops, thankfully it didn't make him sick :)
 The little girls decorated one of the Peach trees for the "Burdies" . They dug little holes around the trees and planted the extra seeds so we can "Growed" more seeds for later. Be still my heart maybe they will be gardeners!!
After the parade Saturday we picked out our live family tree, ouch they have gotten sky high! The grands job as I was finishing up Sunday dinner was to get the thing decorated. I love that the big kids share their memories of the different ornaments with their own kiddo's. Nothing fancy about this tree, lots and lots of things our big girls had made over the years from pre school to College.

Just when you think it's about to come together, things are falling into place, the shopping is almost done, the bank account is not bone dry (yet) something is bound to go wrong....The stomach bug hits!!! Holy cow, I have been down since Sunday evening. Today I think I might live :) If I can get the last of the boxes in the mail today I will feel like I have won a gold medal!!

I am putting hubby to work tonight on wrapping. There is no doubt that we will need to do a bit more shopping most likely for the big boys but I have lost count of who got what and how many of whatever. I lost my list of lists, more than likely one of the little girls have used it for drawing.

The house is looking down right shabby, somebody needs to do some cleaning but with 3 gifts still in the works it will just have to wait. I have been so sick hubby had to cook supper last night, OK so it was only canned soup but still he found the can opener, warned it up, served, and cleaned up!!!! He is a keeper for sure :)


  1. I am so sorry you have been sick. Me,too. What a terrible time of the year to be "down". Love the lawn mower parade! xo Diana

  2. Oh no!! Hope you're better soon!