Monday, December 22, 2014

Power Baking

 Hubby and I delayed our nightly Christmas movie over the weekend for an evening of fast food and Christmas light viewing. How in the world do they do all of this!!! Amazing!
 I had not baked a single holiday treat until Saturday morning, figured I better wait until I knew the stomach bug was gone for good before I fired up the oven. This is what POWER baking looks like Ladies! No bake cookies, white chocolate krispies, chocolate covered nuts, red velvet cookies, and snicker doddle's.
 Angle sugar cookies, M&M cookies, chocolate Krinkles, red velvet still drying, and good old fashion chocolate chip cookies.
 Sunday's baking was sugar cookies and the dough for gingerbread houses
 After Sunday dinner we put the grands to work decorating their own sugar cookies. They had a fabulous messy time.
 Some got a little heavy handed with the sprinkles but what the heck. Restock Christmas sprinkles are on the list for after Christmas sales :)
Before starting the cookie marathon Saturday morning I meet to have breakfast with one of my BFF's to exchange the last of the hand made gifts for the year. Stockings for she and her grand :) She has been wanting to do a stocking kit for her sweet little grand for a few years but just doesn't have the time with working a demanding full time job. I still have tater Tot's to complete but.....time is running out his might not make it to the mantel until next year :)
Today looks to be a full day of holiday preparations. Gingerbread houses need to be cut, baked, and assembled for the grands to decorate, a few more GC to be purchased, a tiny bit of sewing to complete, lots more wrapping for hubby to knock out, and maybe a last minute gift for our big girls I would like to make. Laundry, cleaning, and bill paying is also much needed!!
I did NOTHING after Sunday dinner last night other than enjoy a Christmas movie with hubby and DD#2. We celebrated SIL#1's Birthday this Sunday on top of enough cookies to choke a horse add BD cake to the menu and I think you can guess the sugar high the grands were on. Holy cow!!!!!
Diner was interesting.....I really didn't have the time or energy to make a large meal with all the fixins so we went with what I refer to a "man's" meal, also known as lets clean out the freezer a bit. Hubby was assign to the grill, steaks, pork ribs, grilled shrimp, and boiled shrimp. Yep a meal of meat. I did throw a pot of chicken noodle soup on but had to use store bought noodles, they lived :) The boys were happy as pigs in the mud with all of that meat, the girls enjoyed a nice bowl of soup with home made rolls.
If I can pull off getting the gingerbread houses for the grands baked and assembled today I will be one happy lady I can tell you!!  Until those suckers are done I can remove mopping the kitchen floor from my list, that should free up an hour or two of time don't you think?
It's all so crazy and messy and could be stressful if I let it be but I WON"T!!! I have all winter to scrap frosting from the walls and floors. The gifts they will forget in a few months or days, the time together laughing, playing, and mess making will be with them forever and ever. Here is to all you Mommy's and Nanny's who aren't afraid of a little dirt every now and then :)

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  1. BEST. NANNY. EVER!!! lol! Merry Christmas, Debby!! <3