Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Christmas Photo's

 What would Christmas be without the traditional Christmas Jammies photo? It's like trying to get a litter of puppies to sit still
 The boys had to get some wrestling in of course
 The girls were dancing and prancing
 Finally we got them in one place and looking forward, to heck with smiles at that point
 Don't let this sweet photo of the girls fool you, they are still a handful
 Together they rock our world
The boys can't wait until Tater Tot can join in for some tag team wrestling
I am over the top excited to have finally gotten our Christmas photo of the grands done last night!!!! As an added bonus we went to DD#1's home to take them so she was the winner of the mess they make :)
Hubby and I then hit the toy store to finish up shopping for our Christmas Angel. Yippee Skippy we are done with days to spare :) before it all needs to be turned in!!
Once home I ordered our Christmas cards. As much as I have loved doing hand made cards in the past some traditions just gotta go!! Thanks to Walgreen's and their great coupons I will be addressing Christmas cards by 9:00 AM today!!
DD#1 took the day off to try and catch up on her holiday goings and doings the kiddo's are in school/pre school. Excited to meet her for an ADULT breakfast this morning
Hubby also took the day off to work on his vintage lawn mower. Our Christmas parade is Saturday the pressure is on :) Once he gets his pride and joy street worthy we will begin to wrap gifts!!!!
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We still need to do a little more shopping for the big boys, pick up GC for the big kids, and pull a few more late nights of hand quilting but we are well on our way to the finish line.
What the heck was I thinking by doing just a "Little" bit of hand quilting on THREE quilts? I had visions of sitting in the evenings in front of the fire watching Christmas special with my man, maybe even nibbling on a cookie or two :) CRAZY!!!! Plans have changed. One quilt will now have a "Little" hand quilting, the other two will be machine only.
This season is all about knowing when to hold them and knowing when to fold them. Folding those quilts and getting them in the mail it is :)

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  1. How cute. All of our grandkids show up in their pjs on Christmas day and stay that way all morning. It is so much fun! xo Diana