Monday, December 29, 2014

Have You Recovered?

 With 24 hours still left on the clock I was able to finish the last of our Christmas stockings!!! YAAAA
 So happy that All of the stocking were hung with care by Christmas Eve :)
 Christmas Eve at my sisters where we open our gifts from the name exchange we do at Thanksgiving followed by a Christmas movie at our home where the big and little kiddo's spend the night.
 Santa was as always very generous bringing lots of toys and practical gifts as well. Only at Christmas will a kiddo get this excited over a pair of mittens :)
 The wonderful, crazy, loud morning begins
A Christmas morning nap is the prefect ending after beautiful time with family
Just a short post today as hubby is back to work for the first time in a week!!! Ya for me I will have some badly needed quite time to catch my breath before the next round of festivities begin.
Hubby and I kicked it into high gear the day after Christmas to undecorated and remove our dead live tree in the family room. What the heck might as well do the whole room :) Maybe it was a sugar high from all of the cookies or just the fact that I couldn't clean with all of the beautiful Christmas decorations all over the house, we took it all down in just two days!!
Yesterday was laundry day. Every bed in the house needed to be stripped and washed, bath towels galore, kitchen towels, over mitts, throw rugs, the works.
 To top it off we switched the family room and living room sofa's out. The family room now has so much more seating but is also wall to wall in sofa's. For now it's OK it but it may have to be switched back as it is mighty crowed for my taste :)
I do believe there will be some decluttering going on in the near future for me. What is it about the New Year that inspires me to do a clean sweep? We have a BIG winter project on the books at our home that I so want to get started on but I know better than to start now as we have company coming in for New Years and the BIG game on New years day.
Dear over crowed, fire trap, attic, your days are numbered!!!!!

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  1. You always get so much done! Yes, the new year makes me get motivated to declutter and get things done.