Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Crunch

 I should have taken a photo of the one and only semi hand quilted Christmas quilt before I washed it!
 The hand stitching is hard to see once it's washed and dried. I used (8) weight red pearl cotton, love the warm cozy look it gives to any quilt.
 However.....My planning was WAY OFF!!! I had not one, not two, but three Christmas quilts on my gift giving list. Hand quilting each one was out of the question if they were to be in their new homes in time for Christmas. Free motion quilting to the rescue!!!!! Two down one to go!
 While the days are filled with shopping, errands, sewing, and such (notice no mention of cleaning) My evenings are spent in what hubby calls my nest. As much as I have enjoyed hand stitching in the evenings watching Christmas specials with him it's crunch time, they need to be done!!!!
 Four done two to go, I think I can, I think I can
All the beautiful pictures of Santa's workshop....Ya right!! This is the reality!!! Every surface of our kitchen and breakfast room is covered in gifts, lists. and sewing.

While the bug has decided to linger a few more days with saltines in hand I tried to get organized this morning. Hubby has 4 piles of gifts to wrap tonight if he expects anything for supper. Carry out....forget it, the table is also covered, the traffic is a mess in the evenings here, and lets not talk about the check book balance. Not only does hubby stepping up to the plate in the gift wrapping department help me out enormously it also helps curb his "Did we buy enough? Should we shop some more?" tendency's. No doubt there will be gift holes to fill before we are done but on the whole the big kids have plenty!!!

Time to fire up the sewing machine, there is no time to waste, pre school Christmas programs begin this afternoon.

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  1. Hope u feel better very soon!! No fun...

    Love the quilt. Good luck with everything. Love this time of year, but not the hustle and bustle.
    Now if only my husband would wrap.. lol

    Merry Christmas, Janie