Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where to begin :)

Many times I have thought I really need to update my blog but....there is just so much going on at such a fast pace by the time I get around to it I am dead on my feet :) much sewing... Taking close to a week off for Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL!!!! I don't regret a single minute of really enjoying my favorite holiday with our family, such good times. Now its time to pay the piper sorta speak :)
 Looking at the calendar I realize am so close to finishing up the must sew for gifts projects it makes me giddy! Then I go and do something crazy like deciding I need to do some hand quilting, what was I thinking? Now that I have finished just a little hand quilting I realized the "quilts" are going to need more hand quilting to look right, sigh
 And stockings, sew many stockings. This is stocking number 4 completed!!!
 And Tater Tots is well on it's way. The plan was to have Blake's done by Sunday dinner today... Won't be happening :) I think he won't be scared for life if his stocking is a few days late going on the mantel.
 Kara and Blake helped us begin with decorating for Christmas Friday. Hubby and I spent most of the day Saturday trying our best to finish that big project. We are oh so close to the finish line.
One of my biggest of all goals this year is to find the time to just be....To enjoy all these sweet smiles, giggles, and laughs.

Our Christmas shopping is 90% done I think. My sewing room has become the dumping ground for all things gift related, what a mess!!!! The laundry room has been converted into the sewing central holding area, Lord help me :)

Today's goals

Sunday dinner from the crock pot
Homemade rolls
Finish decorating the house
Reclaim the laundry room
Christmas photo of the Grands for Christmas cards, maybe even include the big kids
Sandwich and pin another quilt
Christmas craft with the Grands (this one is a big if)

I will get back to regular posting sooner rather than later I hope. I just need to get my head above water!!!! BTW Roll Tide :)


  1. Glad you are back. It is such a busy time of year. Never enough hours in the day. Enjoy the fun, Janie

  2. Janie is right, never enough hours! I hope we all get lots done today, I have big plans!