Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shopping on a Shoestring

Had a fun day ending the year with some super savings!! I had $30.00 in Kohl's cash along with a $10.00 off coupon if you spent $30.00. In addition I also had a MDSE credit for a vest one of our DD's bought for me I had returned. We needed NOTHING!!! However Kara and Blake are in the midst of a growth spurt, they both could use a few things. Four tops and a pair of pants for Kara, two onesies and pants for Blake. Total cost ZERO and I still have $5.40 left on the MDSE credit. Sweet!
 Here is how it worked. With the sale price I had saved $116.06 right off the bat leaving a balance due of $63.94. Now for the deductions, $30.00 in bucks, $10.00 coupon offer leaving a new balance of $25.68. I didn't want to spend a dime if I could avoid it :) I used the MDSE credit from the return to bring the balance to Zero. Love that :)
On the way home I had to pop into the grocery for  few things. I started scoping out the buggies of 75% off items leftover from Christmas. Bingo!!!! M&M's marked down to $2.19 a bag, regular price $4.99. WoHoo I had a few coupons to boot $1.00 off two bags :) Nice!!! Knowing I had more coupons at home for M&M's I held back on purchasing more until I threw those additional coupons in my purse. As luck or unluck would have it I needed 2 additional avocado's for a snack I was making for the BIG game tomorrow, bake to the grocery. Scored 6 additional bags of M&M's. Our family could care less what color M&M's are as long as they are mixed in with their very favorite cookie :)

The next few weeks are a great time for some super money savings at the grocery, Keep your eyes out for some quick sweet bread mixes, cakes, candies, tea's, hot chocolate, all sorts of special goodies that will be great for the long winter days ahead. Christmas still my heart!!!! They will be fine for next years sugar cookie/gingerbread baking days.

If I play my cards right and hubby will play nicely tomorrow to help me finish a project I will share one of my last minute dirt cheap Christmas gifts from this year that would be a great gift anytime of the year.

Happy New Year to all

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