Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Easy Noddle Day

 I have had noodle making on my mind for awhile now but with all the craziness going on there never seems to be a full day to devote to the task. Yesterday while having a nice visit on the phone with a friend she shared with me how her Kitchen Aid attachment had cut her noodle making time in half. I have had an Oh So Cute never used pasta machine collecting dust for more years that I want to admit.

I love to read..... reading directions or manuals not so much :) After spending a little time on U Tube I had the cute tool figured out.

The biggest job for me when making noodles is rolling out all that stiff dough. Talk about a work out!! But by feeding strips of dough into the pasta machine it was a piece of cake!!!!

 I ran a triple batch of dough though the pasta machine as a test. Making changes to tried and true family favorite recipes doesn't always go over well around here. Until I try this new shaped noodle on the family I cut the rest of the dough the old fashion way.
 Twelve batches of noodles done in just under Two hours!!! Once they are dry I will bag them up then pop them in the freezer. Home made chicken noodle soup will be on the stove in the very near future.
Having knocked the noodles out in record time the rest of the day was spent hand quilting. A bit of down time is a welcome change of pace.

Today for the first time in eight long days the sun finally peeked out in the afternoon. If the weather man is right we won't be seeing Mr. Sun for a long, long time. We already have flood watches out that will run until at least Saturday. I'm not looking forward to the end of the week with Blake and Kara who have been locked in the house for so many days. An old fashion walk in the rain might be on the activity list.

Up for tomorrow:
1.) Organize bottles, jars, and such for workshops
2.) Organize fleece fabric to begin working on animal shelter snuggle blankets
3.) Catch up on filing
4.) Find time to relax with hand quilting

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