Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January wrap up

Wheeeee, the month is over have the final layout posted here of Tyler and his potty training from last spring.

Thanks to all of you for keeping me motivated to keep up the pace this month. I really struggled some days to get even one layout done.

Now for the total of the month.... Drum Roll please...... 92 LAYOUTS!!!!!!

Holy Hannah that is a lot! I had hoped to get 40 maybe even 50 done for the month but never expected to get this far, I will have lots of journaling to get done in the evenings for quite awhile so I can get them all in the correct scrapbooks. My girls have had a ball looking at the pages I finished each week at Sunday dinner, while they don't scrapbook themselves they do appreciate what I do for them.

Due to overwhelming requests I will be sharing a few tips on how I am able to get my scrapbooking done in record time. Will start the organizing posts today so stay tuned.

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