Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on the retreat

Wanted to post a couple of layouts from the retreat I attending this past weekend and a few helpful hints (I hope). As you have noticed over the past month I have been focusing on our daugther's childhood pictures and using lots of diffrent products. While I am a CTMH consultant and I do love our products and use them often, I like to think of myself as an equal oppertunity spender, I purchase what I love no matter who the manufacture is.

The layouts are of my 2 oldest daughters when they were young, as you can see I really am using the flowers and brads finally.

And here is a picture of Kelli, our youngest daughter in her 4 month's pregnant photo!! Yepee it is gonna be a girl, I will for sure get to use more flowers very soon.

I was able to get 44 layouts done this past weekend, now that may seem like a lot to you but I normally can knock out everything I bring and even play around with the scraps to make a few cards.

Had some bad luck this weekend, by the time I arrived in Atlanta I had become so car sick I wasn't able to hit the crop room, so I had a bite to eat and hit the bed :( Lost a full night of creating. By Saturday morning I was feeling a little better so I spent most of the day cropping but took a few breaks now and then. Sunday I was back to normal but had to get on the road by 2:00 to make sure and get home before dark. I felt sorta bad that I wasn't able to rock with the rest of the ladies like I normally would have but sometimes my health just gets in the way and I have to roll with the punches.

I did take along my Cricut just in case and it worked out great, I sat it up along with my Utt light in the motel room, when I needed a break I would take my layouts up to my room and do the titles and whatever else I thought it needed. I use this example of why you might want to bring along your Cricut even if the retreat will have one on hand. Another thing to think about when bringing along a system such as the Cricut is do you really want to share it with others? Now I will share just about anything with anyone, however that being said if you put the equipment out for all to share you take a chance in it getting broken by someone who hasn't a clue how it works, or you will end up spending all your time showing them how to use it. Again I love to share my tools, supplies and help with everyone but I do still want to get my own layouts done so give a little thought as to where you want the expensive stuff set up.

Since returning home I have been able to finish an additional 20 layouts and have almost completed all my page kits I took along with me, so all is right with the world.

I hope each of you can have the opportunity to attend a retreat this year, there is nothing like spending a weekend with scrappers, they are the kindest, most generous, fun loving ladies you will ever meet, wish I had felt well enough to have enjoyed their company more. So clip those coupons, use your crock pot instead of eating out and pass up the latest sale at Ann Taylor's this year, save up your money ant treat yourself to a retreat!!!

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