Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photo storage

Have you finished sorting and storing all of your photo's yet? Just kidding I think it took me over a week to get mine done and every once and awhile I will run into a lonely picture in some odd place. With my photo album system in place I now have a home for anything I find.

Today's post is an example of how my photo albums work, when I started cleaning up my studio yesterday I ran into the cutiest cupcake paper ever, I have no idea when or where I got it but thankfully I still liked it! Rather than stick it back in the Cropper Hopper I grabbed one of my photo albums and began flipping through it to see how I could use the paper, it didn't take me long to find the perfect pictures of our oldest Daughters 1st Birthday. Heather will be 33 this September so it is high time I got this layout done!

Yepee, I have one less piece of pattern paper in my room and 2 more pages for Heathers scrapbook done. However I never did get around to cleaning up my room so I will give it another try today.

If you can find this book it is a must on organizing your photo's; "Photo Freedom" By Stacey Jillian, she has so may great tips and unique ways to store, scrapbook, and use up the mounds of photo's we all have. "Photo Freedom" was published by Simple Scrapbooks so it has become hard to find, keep searching because it is worth the time and money. She also offers a online class at Big Picture scrapbooking using her photo freedom method, I am not much of an on line student but I am sure it is great, Stacey is such a wonderful inspiration on scrapbooking and life in general.

Back to the cleaning, wish me luck!!

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