Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pattern Paper

Pattern paper has been in the past and still is a problem area for me. I don't have a problem storing or using it, my problem is in how much of it I buy!!! I am better now than I use to be however it seems to multiply before my eyes.

I store pattern paper in a couple of ways; first I sort by color, blues, reds, greens etc. I also sort by themes, school, sports, boy, girl, that sort of thing. I am often ask what is the difference in sorting by themes and the category bags in drawers. The category bags are papers I use maybe once or twice each year so I like to keep them put away and out of the way, the theme pattern paper is something I use pretty often so I keep it out in cropper hoppers. I label the dividers for my pattern paper to make paper selection fast and it also helps me see when I have more than enough of one color of pattern paper, right now pink tones are overflowing, I need to use a bunch up before I even think about purchasing any more.
I also use Cropper Hoppers to store specialty paper, transparencies, shaped paper, velum, scalloped paper and such, for me it is all about keeping it simple and tidy.

Now back to my little room of sin, it has been two days since I have done a layout, I feel the need to create!!

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