Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo Storage boxes

Along with my photo storage albums I use photo storage boxes, the boxes are cheap as all get out, they run under $3.00 @. I use my storage boxes for event photo's; Christmas, Halloween, Disney trip, anything I have a large amount of photo's of that are related to each other. The boxes come with dividers that make it easy to organize with.
So here is and example of how it works, I have all of our Christmas photo's in one section, when I am in the mood to work on Christmas layouts I can just grab from the box and I have all of our Christmas photo's in one place. I have our Christmas layouts in albums by themselves, I don't feel the need to make layouts for each of our children's scrapbooks, this saves me tons of time and money. Using this system I was able to make a Christmas scrapbook for my husband who is Mr Christmas, a few years ago as a gift that had all of the scrap worthy pictures from our own childhoods along with photo's from the years we have been married (35). Now each year all I need to do is add a few pages from the current Christmas season.
I started a scrapbook for our oldest daughter a couple of years back of her own family Christmas pictures, again each year I give her a few pages to update her album with. I have to get busy this year and create and additional album for our 3rd daughter who married last year and is expecting their first little girl this year.

When you are facing boxes, drawers and bags of old photo's the storage boxes work great, just sort your pictures into categories, use the dividers, then pace yourself to go back and put each section in the order that you want to scrapbook whether that is chronological or whatever method works for you.

I am not to hung up on chronological order, for our Christmas scrapbooks I tend to have more of event pages, we make gingerbread houses each year so I have layouts of that; trips to the tree farm, baking cookies, trimming the tree, our special decorations, traditions and such. By scrapbooking this way I was able to showcase many of our family traditions from generations past. I have a layout of Bob's parents putting the angel topper on the tree when he was a baby, we still use the same tree topper so I was able to put current pictures of our own family using the topper, it helps us look back at the past and realize as much as things change they really do stay the same.
I hope all of you are making a dent in you own piles of pictures you are sorting and remember to take a break, stop and scrapbook something that inspires you

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