Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organizing paper

If you are like me and every other scraper I know you have enough paper to wallpaper your home and maybe even a neighbors! We have to be smart and economical when we store our paper, so we have room to buy more and the money to do so!
I organize my paper in a few different ways, one of the ways is using clear zipper bags. My local scrapbook store uses these bags when you make a purchase but CTMH also has a similar bag that paper kits come in that would work just as well.
I use the bags to store what I call my category paper, Easter, Christmas, weddings and such. I store pattern paper, the scraps, embellishments, ribbon the works in the bag then label the top right corner. When I am in the mood to scrapbook Easter photo's all I need to do is grab my Easter bag, get our Easter photo's from the photo storage box (remember they are already sorted and ready to go) and I am ready to have at it. No need to dig around looking for embellishments, stickers or anything else, I like to keep the scraps in the bags to save even more time and money, love to use up a few scraps here and there.

My category bags are stored alphabetically in file drawers by Crop N Style, I limit myself to one bag per category, the exception to this is Christmas, I somehow have bought a bit more than I should have but I will be whittling that down very soon. By keeping it all in one bag I can see that I need to STOP buying and use up what I have!! Some times that works pretty well. HA

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