Monday, May 10, 2010

Bringing In The Bounty

We had a full weekend of gardening, family and canning!! The garden looks great this year , so far we have had a few onions, not many, I didn't get them thinned enough so had to do away with them, but we have more radishes that we can give away and eat. I searched my canning and preserving books and couldn't come up with anything, however after a quick search on the PC I found a really cool recipe for Radish spread/relish. We tasted a bit yesterday before I went to all the trouble of canning them and it is really good, you would use it in place of a horseradish spread on different beefs and such, yummy.

I will finally get into the scraproom today, hope to get started on Kelli's pregnancy album, baby girl Hines will be here soon so I need to get this album finished so I can start hers. We have 2 more friends babies that will be arriving this week so that cleaned out a few more scrapbooks and cards that were waiting in the wings, LOVE that the books were already ready to go, just throw them in a gift bag along with the matching cards and I was ready to roll. I will be back tomorrow with a little something scrapbook related so stay tuned.

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