Monday, May 24, 2010

Short Post

I promised an altered project to be posted today and I will do that as soon as the sun comes out and I can get a good photo to post, we are having a cloudy overcast morning so for now I will entertain you with a few picture of my other creations from the garden!! We have more lettuce than we can use so I have been cutting and bagging that to give to friends this morning, also bringing in broccoli to put up in the freezer and the 2 square foot gardens we put in last week are both doing great, only took 3 days for the little sprouts to come in, WOO HOO, we now have our fingers crossed that they will really give use vegetables and not just cute little sprouts. I am off today to the garden center to pick up and additional raspberry bush and a few more tomato plants and who knows what else, then on to the grocery store to stock up on tenderloins that are on sale. Gotta make sweet with the butcher so he will cut it all up for me then I will only have to use my food saver to package and get it in the freezer, we are down to our last package of steaks so the sale came at a perfect time. Last but not least another grocery store is running triple coupons today, just typing the words triple coupons has my heart beating faster. I will post the so very cute scrapbooking project a little later today, need to hit the road and get the errands finished before the rain comes in.

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