Friday, May 28, 2010

Square Foot Garden

We are headed to the parkway this morning on the Harley's and will hit a few country stores and general stores on the way, if you haven't been in one of the old stores in a while you really should check them out. I have had my eye on a apple corer/peeler tool for a year at the Williams Sanoma store, it runs around $40.00, we have 3 apple trees in the yard but they put out just enough apples to feed the squirrels and birds, Bob got lucky last year and harvested 2 apples!! We live close enough to some great apple orchards that have pick your own area's that I want to try out this year, we love apple butter, apple pies, sliced apples the works so I was thinking the apple tool would be a good investment (love kitchen tools as much as scrapbooking tools). So here is the deal I made a trip to a general store Monday looking for some asparagus plants and low and behold there was the exact same apple tool William Sanoma had for only $22.95, hot diggity dog I scored big!! Not only did I pick up the apple tool I also picked up some great tips and information from the owners on finding asparagus starters.
Pictured here are our square foot gardens, we have added 2 this year to see how it will work, they have been in for 2 weeks now and are growing like weeds, everything looks incredibly healthy except the corn, I have my fingers crossed that the whole square foot garden thing will work, weeding the traditional garden is a pain in the butt.
The roses in the photo are from my Grandmothers yard in Indiana, my Aunt knew how to propagate plants and trees so she had a little of everything from the homestead that she shared with me over the years, we are talking eons ago, I know the original rose bush is much older than I am, so along with everything else this year I want to learn how to graft a plant from this rose for our 2 daughters that bought homes this year, I would love to pass Mamaws roses along. I have a CTMH order due in today so maybe just maybe I can get in the scraproom tonight and play a little I have missed the room so much this spring!!

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