Monday, May 3, 2010

Flower Tutorial

Here is a card I made for our Daughter Kelli's baby shower yesterday using all leftovers, not to bad looking for leftovers don't you think? This is so easy to do, now you can have flowers to match whatever project you are working on!!
1.) Use Martha Stewart's grass punch, punch the full length of 12 inch paper, then cut to the size you want, I think mine is 3/4 inches wide.
2.) Now run the strip through a crimper 2 times, this will help loosen up the paper fibers

3.) cut a 2 inch circle and cover in double sided adhesive, I used red line tape on mine, it needs to be heavy duty tape!
4.)Now starting on the outside of the circle begin adhering the strip down gathering as you go and moving to the inside of the circle to finish.

your flower should look like this when you are done.

I then added a large brad to the center of my flowers but a button would be super cute or whatever you have in your stash that needs to be moved out. You could use any border punch that you have on hand to make your flower, can't wait to try out a few more flowers using the way to many punches I have in my arsenal of tools. Give this a try today, it is super fast and easy!!

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