Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Card Stash Pile is Growing

After a winter of over 500 layouts, Christmas gifts, and workshop samples my card stash was getting pretty low. It has been nice to get back to a little card making with all of the garden work, preserving, jelly making, baby showers and such I love that I can get in my room and still create but with not such a time investment that I just don't have right now.
Yesterday was my normal day to have Tyler but our schools were closed for voting so Heather and I decided to take Tyler to the strawberry farm. Heather had never been so Tyler was excited to show Heather ropes, he has been for all 3 years. We meet for breakfast then were headed out to the fields and I would be home the rest of the day finishing up freezing the berries. Plans didn't work out so well, Tyler fell in the bathroom and hit the rim of the toilet, 3 teeth went through his cheek, we spent the next 7 hours in ER waiting for stitches. :(. He was so brave that he helped Heather and I stay calm, but we were all very frustrated by the long wait, how in the heck can the ER be packed at 8:00 AM on a Tuesday? I can't begin to imagine what a mess our health care system will be once the new Obama care goes into effect.

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