Sunday, May 23, 2010

NASCAR Tailgating

Tyler's a true Southern boy, tailgating in the back of a pick up with a lawn chair, gotta love it!!
Saturday was our annual NASCAR All-Star tailgate/race day. We didn't have as many folks as in the past and didn't play as many games since the field had tons more campers than in the past but it was still a fun day with way more food than any of us could ever eat, I will be throwing out and cleaning up lots of covered dishes today. What a waste, I always make too much food, normally that's not a problem I LOVE leftovers (food or scrapbook supplies) but with the heat and flies there is no way I am gonna use the leftovers from tailgating. This year I didn't attend the race, I decided to stay back with both prego daughters and Tyler, we had a Mom daughter trip to Babies R Us planned, had hoped to finish up Kelli's nursery and last minute baby needs.

We are having a nightmare of a time finding the baby a dresser/changing table, the girls buy (Mom/Me) regular furniture for the babies rooms so when they are ready to come out of the crib they will only need to purchase a bed. Kelli is doing black furniture which is so cool, very versatile no matter what look she wants to go with later, the problem has been everything she sees at the baby store has to be ordered, then they tell us sorry but it is back ordered and we can't order right now, when we continue to check back they say the same thing, then low and behold they tell us oop's sorry that has been discontinued UGHHHH. Baby girl Hines is due in 6 short weeks, we have no time for the baby stores craziness so we hit the furniture stores all afternoon, didn't stop until 10:00 PM last night, so much for a fun evening!! We ran into the same problem at ever store we went to, they were out of stock, not sure when they could order again or if they could order again, had one store who was willing to sell us the floor model but they would only give us 10% off and the piece had lots of scratches, now here is the really crazy part, the store was having a 25% off store wide sale so I checked with the salesgirl to make sure the price would be 35% off right? 25% store wide sale 10% off floor sample, nope only 10% off, WHAT is that all about. Heather is running into the same problem ordering furniture for the new house, she is at it every night after work and every weekend, they had thought by now they would have everything ordered and ready for delivery at the new house the week they move in. Not sure what is up with furniture right but it seems like the manufactures have made so many cuts to the workforce that they can't fill orders and are afraid to do rehires yet, in the meantime baby girl Hines needs her room finished. I have my fingers crossed, we made a call to a store in one of the small towns around us that has a dresser she wants, he has one floor sample and is willing to sell it to us at a good price so I am off this morning as soon as the doors open to hopefully make the deal happen. Some really odd things are happening in the consumer wold, makes me wonder what the heck is going on. Sorry for ranting and raving today, just tired and frustrated to no end, I need to get back in the garden and play in the cow poop!!

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