Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Cherry O

As I was running around trying to get all the weekly errands finished so I could get back home for housework, garden and yard work I ran into a super deal on sweet cherries. They run $6.99 a pound here but the sale had them down to $2.00 a pound, well I loaded up on 20 pounds of them thinking that would be a nice little job for the afternoon then I could get back to my to do list. Needless to say I bite off more than I could chew, I did get the cherries canned but only got around to mowing the front yard. Today I am working double time trying to get everything from yesterdays list done, Bob will be in for the long weekend and we have guests coming is as well this afternoon, the weekend is jambed packed full of holiday stuff to do and I have Tyler for the day. Tyler is wound up tighter than a spring knowing Papaw is on his way home so it is a very challenging day. I need to be showered, dressed and ready to enjoy Bike Night for supper out at the track by 6:00, then we will head to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a day of riding on Friday. I need to learn to pass up sales no matter how good they are!! But you must admit my cherries look pretty good and will be dynamite in breads, cobblers and pies this winter. I really could use an additional 20 pounds of cherries to have enough to last all winter but I will have to see how the long weekend goes, I am not ready to take on another marathon canning right now.

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