Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Blog Housekeeping

Enjoy smelling the Roses or my Peony in this case!!
Sooo, I have been doing a little blog housekeeping this morning and office work, YUK!! I have been putting off so much lately with all the yard, garden and food preserving work that has been going on but today I have got to get it all together.

Here is the scoop on the blog, I have cancelled my website so you will no longer be able to order directly On-Line, however you can contact me anytime to order over the phone or by e-mail. You can still view the catalog from the CTMH home page along with episodes of Art and Soul and I will continue to mail out catalogs to all my out of town ladies. If you need a catalog send me an e-mail with your address or just leave a message on the phone if I am not in. It might seem crazy to many of you that in this day and time I decided to give up the whole on-line store deal, here is the reasoning behind it; The web site is pretty costly, add to that the yearly fee for a pro pay account and the additional fees associated with each transaction the dollars begin to add up, and keeping up 2 different e-mail accounts is cumbersome to say the least. The vast majority of my customers pay in cash or check so the added expense just doesn't make sense. Ya'll know I am a firm believer in cash only, "leave the plastic alone or at least at home" so for me this is in keeping with my "keep it simple stupid" approach to about everyday dealings in life. I know some consultants have begun adding the cost of the fees back to customers but I don't want to go that route, with shipping, handling and tax charges enough is enough!!

I will continue to post Scrapbooking/Card Making creations on this blog along with everyday stuff. During the summer there will be more stuff than scrapbooking. Summers are my busiest time of the year, the garden, canning, freezing, yard work along with vacations, boating, Harley rides and scrapbooking workshops have me going a mile a minute so I can't hit my studio as often as other times of the year but I promise to get a little something done ASAP, I would go crazy if I didn't carve out some time to play.
My creative spirit today will have to be satisfied with the cuttings of some Peony blooms from the yard and placing them around the house so I can enjoy them when I am stuck inside, don't just take time this year to smell the roses, bring some in your own home, put a single boom in each room you use the most often, it is guaranteed to make you smile all day!!!

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