Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to the grindstone

Had to take a baby break last night to catch up on some canning, got 18 pints of salsa canned, dehydrated parsley and green peppers. This morning we brought in an additional batch of tomatoes, green peppers and of course cucumbers. I will hit canning again in the morning, pizza sauce this time as well as load the dehydrator with cucumbers for cucumber soup over the winter.
Things should be slowing down for a bit, Kelli and Kara are both doing great. Kelli is such a good Mommy, she is a natural, just needs to get more confidence that she is doing fine with Kara. So I should be able to stay around the house and just send meals over at night. I need to get the garden back in order and on schedule for putting everything up. It is going to be a real challenge hobbling around with 2 broken toes, I hope the orthopedic Dr. can come up something that will make getting around a little easier. If not Bob is going to install wheels on my kitchen stool so I can keep up with preserving from the garden. Heck who knows I might even have a few days to start working on Kara's scrapbook. WooHoo!!

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