Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catching up

Top shelves are fresh raspberries, bottom shelf are already done.
Finally have the wash and fresh bedding done, the house is back in order and put a few batches of raspberries in the dehydrator. Now on to the refrigerator's to clean out from the weekend, then a Dr. appointment at 2:00 with Kelli to check on slow poke Baby Girl Hines. I still need to get in the garden and see how many more cucumbers grew overnight along with zucchini and squash. I have lots of dehydrating to catch up on and still need to deal with all the cucumbers that are piling up before the baby arrives. We feel sure the Dr. will be ready to move forward this week so things will be very hectic for a few weeks until the kids get use to a little one around. My plan is to help the kids out during the day so Kelli can rest and Nathan can work, I am not much of a night person anymore so hopefully they can handle the night shift on their own, Nanny is toooo old for that shift!! Maybe this time tomorrow we will have our first Granddaughter in our arms, that is if Mommy and Daddy will share nicely!!

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