Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wheeee What a Day

First Batch of Potatoes

Man I crammed a whole lot of livin in one day today and I certainly feel the effects tonight!! Hit the garden at 6:15 this morning, wanted to get as much done as I could before the heat got to brutal, only have 3 more rolls to weed tomorrow before I can get some late summer planting done.

Picked Tyler up at 7:45 for a full day of little boy activity, thankfully he took a nice nap, gave me time to run to the grocery, throw a meatloaf together for Kelli and Nathan and Boil 7 pounds of potatoes (buy 5 lbs get 5 lbs free!)

Kelli and Karalee arrived around 10:00 to hang out for the day. Kelli's first time to drive and venture out with the baby alone, she is still moving a little slow but doing great just needs a little more TLC. Karalee is such a doll baby, good as gold, eats like a little pig and melts our heart with lots of smiles and attempts to coo.

Our DEAR friend Debbie and her Daughter Abby drove 2 hours to meet Kara, we had such a great visit and shared supper but not nearly enough time to catch up like we wanted. We will be coordinating our calenders so we can have a girls weekend of scrapbooking soon!!

Finished off the night getting the potatoes in the dehydrator. I hope to use them in German potato salad, scallop potatoes, pork chop and potato casserole (Paula Deans recipe), and fried potatoes to name just a few things I can do with them. Not sure I want to use them in soups, we like chunks of potatoes in soup, don't think sliced potatoes would go over to well with the family.
Tomorrow might just be a little less busy, Kelli and Kara will be on their own for the first time, not sure I can stand not to see our sweet baby for a whole day. Need to finish up in the garden, get the planting done, mow the lawn, catch up on the ever growing pile of mail, rearrange in the freezers to make more room and tie up a few unfinished projects that have been put off during welcoming our new baby girl. Hummm, might not be such a easy day after all

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