Monday, July 12, 2010


I know many of you follow this blog for scrapbooking inspiration, I am warning you now that I am on baby duty for a few weeks so very little if any scrapbooking will be done!! Mom and baby are both doing fine, Daddy is as proud as a peacock and Nanny is so relived that my girls are both doing soooo good. We have never had such a stressful 5 weeks in all of our years trying to help Kelli and Nathan stay calm, think positive, PRAY and belive in Gods plan.

I am off to the garden to pack up bags of veggies to give away, no canning, dehydrating or freezing will be going on for a few more days, I will be sharing the bounty with anyone I can find who will take it all. Then back to the kids house so they can rest and I can play dress up with Kara.

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