Thursday, July 1, 2010


Quarts down only 20 more to go....
Finally finished the house, yard, garden and canning for the week, I still have a ton of string beans in the dehydrator but they along with raspberries should be done by tonight so I can vacuum seal them and be done!! The garden has taken a beating the past 2 weeks from the heat and no rain but the tomatoes and cucumbers are lovin it. I have picked enough cucumbers in the last two days to can at least a dozen more pints but how many pickles does one family need?
So I surfed the net and found a recipe for dehydrated cucumber parsley soup that sounds really good. I think I will just slice them up and throw them in the dehydrator overnight, maybe it will be a new family favorite. Also found a freezer pickle recipe that sounds just like regular refrigerator pickles only you freeze then in canning jars, hummm maybe next batch I will give that a try but for now I am ready to just be done with it all.
Bobs Sister and Brother In Law will be in tomorrow and Bob will also be in for the long weekend, we are looking forward to some family time, boating, card playing, fireworks and of course over eating.
Baby Girl Hines passed her fetal stress test today but she had us very nervous, she is a deep sleeper, has to be juggled around a lot before she will react, of course she is ready to rock and roll at night when Mommy is trying to sleep, next testing and Dr. appointment is Tuesday. I am glad they didn't hook this Nanny up to the stress test monitor because I would have surely failed big time. We hope the Dr. will be ready to get this over with next week so we can get our hands on her, I will be giving her a long lecture on driving Nanny crazy so early in her little life.

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