Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally some Scrapin!!

Will I finally got around to making a few layouts today using the Zippidee Work shop on the go. I have had this kit setting on my table for close to 2 months begging to be used but I couldn't find the time. I love CTMH workshop kits, everything you need is all in one kit along with detailed instructions, I need that some days when I want to scrap but just don't have the energy to think.
I'm not sure I will do the cards that are included in the kit, they just aren't my cup of tea. I would rather use the paper for more Disney layouts and Lord knows I still have plenty more pictures of our last Disney trip to get in the scrapbook.
I have decided tomorrow I will take another day off. Today was not a good day off........ have you ever had one of those days when you spend hours upon hours on the phone trying to correct another companies mistake in this case the banks with people who do not speak English? If I were a drinker I would be smashed by now, instead I am healing my wounds with Oreo's and cold milk. I really wish there was some way to boycott American companies who outsource jobs to foreign companies, I would be first in line!!!
Maybe tomorrow with a little luck we will get the rain we need so badly, I can get lots more layouts done, I won't wake up with a chocolate hangover (it can happen) and the un-named bank will get a clue... or maybe not they have lots of bail out money they don't need mine.

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